Semana de Acción de los Pueblos en Hong Kong

War by several means - bombs and the WTO

The ongoing talks at the World Trade Organization demonstrate how free trade and other neo-liberal economic policies are imposed on people through unequal and undemocratic negotiations. But there is another way: by bombs.

This other mechanism by which n

Protestas en ceremonia de apertura de conferencia de OMC

Más de cuarenta personas provenientes de todo el mundo inesperadamente se juntaron al interior de la ceremonia de apertura de la reunión ministerial de la Organización Mundial de Comercio (OMC) en Hong-Kong, que se inició hoy 13 de diciembre, para protesta

Update on the Negotiations

12th December: There was a short meeting of the Core Group on services on the 12th attended by 8 delegations. (The Core Group comprises of 15 countries in total – US, EU, Japan and Canda, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia, Argentina, Chile, Singapore, Chi

WTO ministerial begins amid protests

As the march from Victoria Park reached the Wan Chai cargo area next to the Convention Centre, around 75 Korean farmers jumped into the sea and attempted to swim to the Convention Centre before being picked by up the coast guard. They were cheered by the c

WTO opening ceremony told: “WTO kills peasants’

Over forty unannounced protestors from across the world joined together inside the opening ceremony of the WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong to protest at the WTO’s ongoing drive towards liberalisation.

“We have seen ten years of deceit under the WTO. We ar

The Development Package: Deceptive and Dangerous

With the negotiations stalemated in the key areas, the WTO Secretariat and the big trade powers are using a scheme of pushing through a “development package” to pass off the current ministerial conference as a success – when the Hong Kong WTO Ministerial i

Kong yee sai mau

(HONG KONG, 11 December) More than 4,000 workers, farmers, migrant workers chanting "kong yee sai mau " (no to WTO) marched through the bustling commercial district of Hong Kong on day one of the Peoples' Action Week, which will continue throughout the WT

Lamy: dishonest broker in trade talks

Lamy has proven himself to be a dishonest broker for developing countries. Members have been given an assurance on the 2nd December General Council meeting that the cover note that was attached to the 1 December draft would be retained on the draft text tr

Nosso mundo não está em venda!

Entre os dias 13 e 18 de dezembro de 2005 se celebrará em Hong Kong (China) a cúpula da Organização Mundial de Comércio (OMC) para formular normas para reger o comércio internacional e que terão importantes conseqüências para a cidadania de todos os países

A Chamada Global para a Ação contra a Pobreza

Manifestação dia 13/12/2005 na Esplanada dos Ministérios

A Chamada Global para a Ação contra a Pobreza (Global Call for Action Against Poverty) é uma aliança internacional, formalmente lançada durante o V Fórum Social Mundial em Porto Alegre, com

Descarrilemos la cumbre de la OMC en Hong Kong

Entre los días 13 y 18 de diciembre de 2005 se celebrará en Hong Kong (China) la Cumbre de la Organización Mundial de Comercio (OMC) para formular normas que sigan rigiendo el comercio internacional y que tendrán importantes consecuencias para la ciudadaní

A Via Camponesa em Hong Kong

De 13 a 18 de dezembro do 2005, a VI Conferência Ministerial da Organização Mundial do Comércio (OMC) acontecerá em Hong Kong. As negociações sobre comércio que se dão na OMC obrigam a cada país, especialmente aos países em desenvolvimento a abrir seus mer

Paremos la Ronda de Doha! ¡Abajo la OMC!

¿Qué es La Vía Campesina? ¿Por qué estamos aqui en Hong Kong? ¿Por qué nos oponemos a la OMC? ¿Qué es lo que defendemos?

¿Qué es La Vía Campesina?

La Vía Campesina es el movimiento internacional de campesinos y campesinas, pequeños y medianos pr

Movilización campesina en Hong Kong

El movimiento internacional campesino, La Vía Campesina, estará protestando contra la liberalización en la agricultura y promoviendo a su vez, políticas alternativas, durante la conferencia ministerial de la OMC en Hong Kong, del 10 al 19 de diciembre del