World Summit on the Information Society: Consultation

2002-01-24 00:00:00

With this announcement, we are launching the first round of
consultations with civil society on the World Summit on the
Information Society

The Summit will take place in Geneva from December 10-12, 2003. It
will adopt a Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action aimed at
establishing the foundation of an equitable information society, one
that respects cultural diversity and provides opportunities for all.
A second phase of the Summit is expected to take place in Tunisia in
2005 to follow up on the decisions taken in Geneva.

The scope of the Summit is not limited to the technical side (ICTs),
but will address questions of governance, rights, ethics, research
and development, content, infrastructure and other issues that are
directly related to the concerns of civil society.

As a member of civil society you have a valuable contribution to
make. To take part in the process, we suggest you look at, which will provide you with background
information and allow you to:

a) register in the process in order to contribute to the preparatory
process, and to be considered for accreditation to the official
meetings of the Summit;

b) send your input on issues you would like to see addressed at the
Summit; and

c) give your suggestions as to how you would like to participate and
contribute e.g. organize meetings, lead working groups, submit
papers, mobilize your local network, participate in on-line forums,
conduct information workshops for the media and other partners, share
electronic and intellectual resources etc.

As part of the Executive Secretariat for the Summit, the Civil
Society Division will do everything possible to facilitate your
participation. The information we receive from you will determine
the next step.

Please forward this email to all your members, constituents, and
networks so that everyone, the world over, can voice their concerns
and propose ways of taking part in the process at some level - be it
local, national, regional or global.

For information that is not on the Website, please contact us at

Alain Clerc
Civil-Society Division - Executive Secretariat
World Summit on the Information Society