Latin American social movements create

2005-08-09 00:00:00

A number of Latin American social networks and movements
have come together to create an "Information Minga" that
will support activists as they engage in communication and
information work on major issues that affect people's
rights in the region, such as the Continental Free Trade
Agreement (ALCA) that the US wants to sign with all Latin
American governments.

Latin American journalists, popular communicators and
alternative media practitioners have come together to form
the "Information Minga." The Information Minga is a network
that will share and disseminate information about regional
political processes, such as the Continental Free Trade
Agreement (ALCA) that is being discussed by Latin American
governments with the strong presence of US representatives
in the negotiations.

"Minga" is the word for community collective organisation
in Kechua language, spoken by thousands of peasants and
rural people in the Andean Region. Minga participants have
taken advantage of the World Social Forum to hold meetings,
training workshops and seminars in order to prepare for
their campaigns and to invite more social movements to join.
On Janaury 31st, before the Forum concludes, the Minga
participants will hold their continental assembly.

Focus on socio-political issues

Minga focuses on issues such as foreign debt,
militarisation, social exclusion, new communication order,

free trade agreements and events such as the World Women's
March. It produces information collectively for social
movements and networks and aims to be an expression of
unity in the region's diverse socio-political environment.
Peasant organisations, women's groups, indigenous peoples,
Afro Latin American organisations and movements such as the
"Cry of the Excluded," and South-South Dialogue, are
members of this information minga.

- Dafne Sabanes Plou, Association for Progressive
Communications - 29 January