The LGBT South-South Dialogue

2003-01-24 00:00:00

The LGBT South-South Dialogue is an international space where lesbians,
gays, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people/organizations from Asia,
Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean participate. It has the purpose
of generating analysis and proposals to counter multiple forms of
discrimination that affect LGBT people from the South in the context of

Launched at the 20th International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)
World Conference, the LGBT South-South Dialogue aims to ensure:

- Political perspective to LGBT proposals in relation to economic and
social problems related to regionalization and globalization;

- Generate analysis of the inter-relation between LGBT proposals and
those from others social movements, especially the excluded;

- Propose initiatives for global actions regarding sexual rights, the
elimination of multiple forms of discrimination and discrimination based
on sexual orientation.

- Inclusive proposals on issue that hinder development and the guarantee of all human rights, including how HIV/AIDS affects LGBT people in general, and specifically from the developing (indebted) South.

- The adoption and implementation of an international human rights instrument on aspects related to respect the protection for people with different sexual orientation; and

- Strong and sustainable representation of Southern perspectives within the global LGBT and human rights agenda; and

- Locating LGBT proposals on economic, social, political and cultural issues at relevant spaces of decision-making and collective construction.

(Adopted at the ILGA 20TH World Conference; Rome; Italy - July 2000)

1. The LGBT South-South Dialogue confirms the resolutions and recommendations adopted at the 19th ILGA World Conference held in Johannesburg. In particularly, "to form working relationships with other LGBT organizations and people in the South and African Diaspora ".

2. Confirming and re-iterating the resolutions made at the Johannesburg Conference of 1999 as well as noting and commending the progress made by the LGBT South/South Dialogue at the Rome Conference of 2000.

3. Noting and appreciating the contributions made by the panelists of the
first Southern Activists' Exchanges, at the Rome LGBT South/South
Dialogue meeting, and

4. Committed to placing the concerns, proposals and contributions of LGBT people of the South, hereby recommend that a Secretariat, be established to organize and facilitate an LGBT South/South Dialogue;

5. Consolidate discussions and prepare a publication document on South /South which would serve the following purposes

- Record the origins and aims of the South/South Dialogue

- Develop a proposal to increase the knowledge and analysis of the South/South within the global political environment and LGBT concerns and priorities within that context.

- Develop and initiate research, publications, exchanges and distribution of LGBT South/South work.

6. Ensure that proposals and concerns of LGBTs from the South on economic, social, cultural and political aspects, within the human rights framework at different forums and political spaces of advocating for rights, are represented.

Activities of the LGBT South-South Dialogue have included:

- Satellite Conference on Racism, Discrimination and Intolerance of Sexual Diversity, which coincided with the Americas civil society preparatory meeting in preparation for the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and related Intolerance (WCAR) held in Quito, March 2001.