Press Release in Support of French Anti-GMO Activists

Let's Destroy GMOs and Cultivate Biodiversity!

2008-10-23 00:00:00




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(Matola, 22 October 2008)The 600 delegates of Via Campesina gathered in Matola, Mozambique for the Vth Conference of the international peasant movement express their support for the 12 anti-GMO activists who were sentenced today by a court in Bourdeaux (France) to three months in prison with suspended sentence for uprooting GMO maize two years ago.  Among those charged is Jose Bove, who was also fined 12,000 Euros for having particpated in this act of civil disobedience to eliminate Monsanto's Round-Up Ready maize.  In the wake of such actions taken by workers and citizens, it currently prohibited by law to cultivate this GMO maize in France. 
Are our comrades guilty of being right two years too early? We call for wider action in solidarity and resistance to eliminate all genetically modified plants.

Resistance is also found in cultivating and exchanging farmers' own seeds so that peasants, both men and women, can reclaim the biodiversity now endangered by transnational companies.

Only the farmer's own seeds can guarantee respect for the environment and the health and dynamism of rural communities.  They are indispensible for food sovereignty.

Let’s destroy GMOs, cultivate biodiversity, and cultivate the sovereignty of all people!