Call to Mobilize against War and the Crisis - March 28 to April 4

2009-04-01 00:00:00

Dear all, 
During the recent World Social Forum in Belem, the Assembly of Social Movements and many others, including the Assemblies on Debt, on Climate Change, on confronting the financial crisis and the global convergence of crises, launched a call to mobilize around the world  between March 28 and April 4.  This Week of Action Against War and the Crisis seeks to unite mobilizations against the G-20 summit in London (April 2), a day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People to promote boycott, disinvestment and sanctions against Israel (March 30), and protests marking the 60th Anniversary of NATO.  
As Jubilee South, we join in the Call issued by the Belem Assembly of Movements Struggling to Overcome Debt Domination, and we call, in particular, on member organizations and others throughout the South to make our voices heard at this critical moment:
The profound crisis of the capitalist system announces times of growing difficulties for Southern countries and for the working classes in the North. As always, new decisions and institutional mechanisms will be sought so that Southern peoples and countries and people living in poverty in the North end up paying for this crisis resulting from the unlimited aim of accumulation and the irresponsible de-regulation and hyper-financialisation processes of the economic game. Increases in debt payment flows, unemployment, and mass poverty, the dramatic rise in the number of starving and malnourished people in our countries, which we are already experiencing, heightened pressure on the environment, are direct consequences of these strategies in which debt and the processes of its restructuring play a major role.
B.    The shocking abundance of liquidity released by the system’s ruling countries stands in stark contrast  to the meanest 100 billion dollars applied over the past decade in attempts to resolve the still pending debt crisis, and to the relatively modest resources – 80 billion dollars invested each year during 10 years according to UN estimates – needed by humankind to take significant steps in solving the most serious social problems (malnutrition, illiteracy, deficit in public health and education services, housing...). We cannot allow the continuation of this type of absurd and suicidal management of resources that  are the result of our peoples' labour.
E.    The effort to use the G20 – which furthermore has already evidenced its inability to respond effectively, let alone resolve the crisis – is unacceptable for our nations. It represents a strategy to conceal the fundamental sources of the crisis and continue marginalising Southern peoples and countries from decision-making spheres. We reject, in particular, the proposals being discussed with a view to reinforcing the mandate and resources of the IMF, World Bank and regional development banks which have been responsible for the present crisis.
We call upon all our movements to participate in the Week of Action Against the G20 from March 28 to April 4 and its proposals to reform the system and global financial institutions which only aim at reinforcing the logic of looting and concentration. It is necessary to strengthen debate and mobilisation, particularly in the countries of the Global South, regarding the development of alternatives leading to true financial sovereignty. Likewise, it is necessary to raise awareness and denounce the dangerous process aimed at reinforcing the IMF, World Bank and other regional banks, and initiating a new cycle of illegitimate debt, as a response to the current situation of crisis.
We encourage you also to use the Statement in Solidarity with the People of Palestine, released by JS in January, in your actions particularly around the March 30th Call. 
We invite you to share with the entire Jubilee South network information on your plans, sending any material you have developed so that it can be more widely disseminated as part of this global mobilization and posted on the JS website. Articles, press releases, statements, photos and interviews are all welcome. Thus far we have received news of actions being planned in Brazil, Argentina, Honduras and Colombia - where movements from throughout the Americas have gathered for a counter-celebration of the Interamerican Development Bank's 50th anniversary - it is important to be able to include your information in a global JS release.
Secondly, we would like to invite your contributions toward the preparation of a Jubilee South dossier and position paper regarding the crises, their impact on debt and the alternatives we want to advance at this time. This can be used as an instrument for us to deepen our analysis on the impact of the crises on debt (both historic and new debts), resituate our calls for debt audits, repudiation and non-payment, restitution and reparations, as well as the development of alternatives. This is an excellent moment to share with the entire network any analysis you consider to be important (it can be something already written or even a paragraph or two you send now). 
A special request for those of you in G-20 countries, please send us a few lines summarizing the positions your governments are taking regarding the crises, debt, alternatives and participation in the G-20, and most importantly, what positions you and other popular movements in your country are taking in respect.  
We look forward to your news and contributions as together we mobilize for Freedom from Debt Domination, against War and the Crisis.