Thousands march in London against war and crisis

2009-03-30 00:00:00

Saturday March 28 marked the start of the Global Week of Action Against Capitalism and War, planned to coincide with the Group of 20 summit meeting of world leaders to take place in London this week, on April 2nd.
On that day, the streets of London were filled with the biggest mass demonstration since the beginning of the economic crisis, called the Put People First march. It was organised by a "rainbow alliance" of 150 trade unions, church groups, and solidarity and protest groups. According to police estimates, 35,000 people marched peacefully under the theme "jobs, justice and climate". Watchwords such as ‘We won’t pay for their crisis’ were chanted as a warning to the global leaders.
The marchers are pushing for a more transparent and democratic economic recovery plan, while not forgetting to address the problems of climate change and war. Commentators noted the enormous sense of injustice and anger present, as people see bankers bailed out to the tune of trillions of pounds, while nothing is done to defend jobs or put an end to global poverty.
Other European cities also staged demonstrations before the G20 summit in London. Last Saturday 28, 15,000 people gathered in Berlin, the German capital, parallel to other big protests in cities in Germany, Austria, France and Italy, among others. In several protests, people carried signs saying that capitalism cannot be reformed and is coming to its end.
This week many more activities are planned. The G20 leaders will know they are being watched, as groups will be protesting at the G20 summit. Throughout the world, voices of protest will be heard as organizations and movements worldwide will be demanding far going changes in response to the crisis. Today, March 30, is the Global Day of Action in Solidarity with the Palestinian people. During the PPF march, chants of ”Free, free, Palestine” were heard. And on April 4th, the 60th anniversary of NATO, the theme or protest will be militarism.
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